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OEM Manufacturing

From an idea, to prototype, to mass manufacturing of stainless steel surgical instruments. We provide a one step solution for all our customers. We utilize latest technologies to produce almost any type of complex instrument. If you are interested in our OEM services, send us an email.

Instrument Identification

Empire is committed to ensuring quality performance throughout the life of every instrument. Our Instrument identification program delivers quality, service and flexibility.

  • Titanium Color Coding​​

    • Instruments stay organized

    • Economize processing times

    • Identify via set or department

    • Prevent instrument misplacement

    • Fully autoclave-able and durable

    • Chemical bonding instead of physical, will not come off

Multiple colors to choose from. Email us for more information.


  • Gold Plating

    • Industry leading gold color plating.

    • Using only German machines

    • Ensures quick visual identification

    • Re-Gold your Tungsten Carbide Tip/Insert instruments.


  • Laser Marking

    • Marking of instruments with their SKU, name, lot number

    • Decrease instrument processing times in hospitals

    • Able to work with any kind of instrument management/tracking software

    • All of Empire's instruments come with our product SKU, name and Logo

  • Our high technology machines, we can etch Barcodes on the instruments.

Laser Etching

Product details, batch numbers and codes are very important to streamline processes in a busy hospital or surgery center. We will work with you to make sure that you save time and money and focus on improving patient health.


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